Do You Want to Sell Your Motorbike?

If you want to sell your motorbike, you can easily do so online. You just need to know your registration number and insert it at the motorbike buyer’s site. Typically, the bike is then valued by its make and model. After the dealer makes a price determination, you can have the motorbike picked up as soon as the next day.

Selling Your Motorbike Online

This type of service is convenient as it offers the following benefits:

  • A free online motorbike evaluation is provided
  • A precise offer is made for the bike
  • The bike is collected without any charge to the customer
  • The company pays for the bike when it is collected

Making Selling Easier

When you sell your bike through a service, such as WeBuyAnyBike online, you can avoid any of the following difficulties:

  • People who are just looking at your bike and not really interested in buying it
  • Paying for advertising
  • Receiving a bounced cheque from a purchaser
  • Having to haggle with people who end up wasting your time
  • Dealing with people who want to test ride your motorcycle but do not have insurance

When you want to avoid any hassles with selling your motorbike, it is more prudent to obtain a valuation online and sell it to a company that specialises in this type of service. Choosing this method is a much better option, considering the amount of money you can pay out for advertising whilst waiting for your bike to sell.

By taking this approach, selling a motorbike does not have to be complex or stressful. To make sure you are receiving the right price for your vehicle, do some market research first and check the value for yourself.

How a Valuation Is Made

A valuation for a motorbike is made according to its condition, year, mileage, any damages, service history, modifications, or accessories. To do a price check and comparison, survey such places as EBay Motors, AutoTrader, or the aforementioned website.

Next, you will need to decide how fast you want to sell your bike. If you just want to fill out your registration number and arrange a quick pick-up date, you should sell the motorbike online. Otherwise, if you are willing to wait for a sale, you might think of listing your motorcycle. You will need to take a picture of the bike and upload a picture online.

Preparing for a Sale

It pays to be organised when you are involved in the selling process. Make sure you have the following documents or items on hand – the motorcycle’s history, the vehicle log book (V5C), additional keys, owner’s manual, service manual, spare parts, HPI check, and bill of sale. Also, make sure your motorbike has an MOT.

If you want to sell the bike yourself, you will need to determine if certain people can test ride the vehicle. Before you allow anyone to take a ride on the cycle, check to make sure he or she has a motorcycle licence and that they are wearing the proper gear.

A helmet is legally required. Therefore, a potential rider needs to have a helmet if he or she plans to test ride your bike. Ask that the rider leave his or her car keys or driving licence to make sure they return from their ride.