Online Sell your Car to Scrap for Maximum Profit


It is difficult to find a buyer for a vehicle that is no longer able to drive. Going to a dealer of scrap car Singapore seems wise, but that may not be the best solution. Selling one’s car for scrap does not yield anything; on the contrary, expenses are to be expected. With local online sites of Singapore, your old vehicle is bought at the best price and all of our services are offered for free!

In just three steps, they take your car and at the best price: online quotation, appointments in agency and offer of immediate recovery, it is the winning formula to leave serene, in just 24 hours! You receive your money instantly once the purchase is made and the most exciting part is the service is 100% free for you. They take care of all the paperwork and send you the confirmation.

  1. Sell your car to scrap: what alternatives?

Before looking for a car, it is necessary to clear the place. But selling your car to scrap will not make you fit in your expenses! The scrap price of your car per kilo will not pay you anything. Sometimes it is even a question of paying the scrap dealer. For this, choose instead to use their all-inclusive service. Start by making an online estimate of the cubic capacity in question, by filling out the basic information about the model in the form above. Their online quote tool calculates, in two minutes and at expert rates, its market value. To know the final amount that we offer, contact the local branch without delay and get an appointment as soon as possible!

  1. For all brands, recovery in the insured condition

On the day, technicians conduct a comprehensive review of the car in just 30 minutes. The integrated options are taken into account, to estimate as accurately the value of the vehicle, unlike a car recovery at the scrap dealer. What make you forget the idea of ​​selling a car to scrap! And, as you can imagine, the recovery is done in the state, which saves you from useless costs of refreshing. Of course, you are even exempt from passing by the technical control. Sell ​​a utility, like any other type of four-wheelers, at home, its cake!

  1. Support from A to Z, with a multitude of advantages!

The best alternative to selling a car to a scrap dealer is online selling. Between the recovery in the state, and the expertise without expenses, you are housed with the good sign. Even the post-sale details are no longer your responsibility: they carry out the necessary administrative procedures, and you receive proof of home transfer. For cars in the process of being financed, they take back the car loans, and your account is credited with the agreed amount as soon as possible after the signature of the contract.