The accident may have been a terrible experience; but, you received your insurance claim for the car from your insurance provider. You pulled good working parts from under its hood to resale for a few extra dollars. And, now you have a pulled apart engine and a badly wrecked car. Is it possible to get any more value from the car? Yes, there is. A way to get top cash for the car. Premier Car Removals offers the following information.

Recycle the Car

While the car may be a total loss, and you’ve pulled all value from the car, there is still value in its scrap metals. Those nonworking parts under the hood or the ones that were damaged during the accident are comprised of metals that can be recycled. The body of the car is composed of steel that can be recycled. While the chore to dismantle the car would typically be too much even for the DIY mechanic, for Premier Car Removals it is an everyday chore. We dismantle cars to recycle for their scrap metals.

Get Top Cash

We are a Perth Car Buyer pays top cash for cars. We collect accident condition cars that are so badly damaged that it’s difficult to imagine that they were functioning cars at one time; just as we collect those that have a few minor dings, or just the front end, side, or rear of the car bashed in from collisions. Regardless of the conditions of the cars, we pay top cash to recycle the metals of the cars.

Quick and Easy Resale

When we buy cars, you can rely on a car sale that doesn’t inconvenience you or make your anxiety level rise. We have a carefree process that allows customers to obtain cash quotes over the phone and online and schedule Cash Car Removal, which are carried out at the time that we purchase their cars, whenever it is convenient for the sellers. Our no-hassle way leaves you with no stress when selling a car.

  1.    Contact us for a cash quote.
  2.    Accept or reject our offer.
  3.    Schedule a free removal Perth.

You can sell your car that easily. Just give us a call, and we’ll make you an offer for your car. Call us at the number below or fill out our “Get a Quote” form on our homepage. Call us at 0406 996 661