Used Car

 Selling a Used Car? Here’s How to Get it Sold Faster


Why didn’t anyone tell you it was going to be this hard to sell your used car on your own? You placed an ad in the online classifieds, and so far, no one is biting. It’s been weeks and you’re really not sure what to do. Should you keep holding out hope or get rid of it through a junk car buyer for a few bucks? If your car is in so-so condition and a popular make and model, the answer is neither. You just need to invest a bit to get the offers you’re looking for.

Invest? Why would you spend money to sell the car? Well, because the more of convenience the vehicle is to the buyer, the more they’re willing to offer you. If you play your cards right, you can get your investment back two times over. Of course, this means having some cash upfront, but fortunately, there are cash loans online that don’t require you to have good credit or collateral. You could get several hundred dollars, invest in the vehicle, sell the car, then pay off the loan.

So, How Do I Sell My Used Car Fast?

Now for the good stuff. How do you take your used car from an ad that buyers scroll by to something they put in serious offers for? Here are some suggestions:

Fix Minor Repairs

A car that works efficiently is going to sell better than one that doesn’t. Invest in making minor maintenance or repairs. You should change the oil and filters, have other fluids changed in the car, and the tires rotated. Any damaged hoses, broken lights, or squeaky brakes should be fixed as well. Buyers love to read that the car has just recently had work done on it because that means they don’t have to worry for a while.

Small Upgrades

If your car is a bit dated, you can attract more buyers by investing in small upgrades. You can buy new tires, install LED lights, install a new radio, buy new floor mats, chair covers, and whatever else you believe would be a convenience or upgrade on the vehicle. A car that looks good is going to attract more people than one that looks its age.

Beef Up Your Marketing

Getting your used car sold is about the quality and style of the vehicle, but also your marketing efforts. If you’re only using one platform to advertise the vehicle, it may not be enough to reach serious buyers. You have to beef up your marketing efforts. You can use free platforms like online classifieds, but you may also want to consider social media, and even used car sites that let buyers advertise their vehicle for sale for a few bucks.

Selling your used car on your own isn’t the easiest route but it is doable. If your car advertisement hasn’t been getting you any real leads perhaps you need to invest a bit more time and money. Tending to small maintenance and repairs, investing in small upgrades, and vamping up your marketing efforts will help you get your used car sold a lot faster.