How Make Your Swag Comfortable To Sleep In

camping swags have been evolving along with camping itself over the years. Camping and everything that came along with it used to be something that was on the rougher end of the comfort spectrum. Nowadays, comfort is expected from camping as it’s seen as a way to leisurely spend time outdoors.

Being able to mix comfort and the adjustability of outdoor comfort is something that many campers enjoy. Though people going on camping trips want to experience the authenticity of sleeping on a classic swag, nobody wants to wake up to an arm full of insect bites.

Here are some of the solutions that you should look at if you want to improve the comfort that you experience in your sleeping swag.

Mattress Topper

The cheapest way to get comfort from your swag as you sleep through the night is with a reliable mattress topper. Having a simple one will let you emulate the feeling of sleeping on a cheap bed. They’re fairly easy to attach and remove so packing them won’t be an issue.

If you decide to go for more expensive upgrades to your mattress, you’ll find yourself having to free up more space for more things to pack. However, you’ll have a better time sleeping since you’ll be at peak comfort during the night.


If you’re going on a camping trip during the rainy season or you’re going to set up camp near a body of water, having a waterproofed swag using an aerosol is a good way to keep you and your belongings undisturbed by liquids.

If you wake up soggy in the morning, consider getting a wash in or a brush on product for your waterproofing needs. The type of waterproofing gear will also greatly depend on the type material that you want to waterproof.

Quality Sleeping Bag

Having a high quality sleeping bag can be the deciding factor when it comes to comfort. Using a sleeping bag that’s barebones in features can leave you wanting more. The more features that your sleeping bag has, the more comfortable you will be through the night.

There are many types of improvements that can be made from a simple sleeping bag. You can have hoods, zippers and heating features. There are also sleeping bags that come waterproofed and animal proofed. You’ll pay no mind to the disturbances at night if you sleep in a premium quality sleeping bag.

Off The Ground

Modern campers look at off the ground camping swags as the future. If you always have to go through the routine of drying up you and your swag after a night’s sleep, consider going off the ground. Being elevated ensures that you are not at a risk of getting wet from the ground and any surrounding bodies of water.

Sand, dust and moisture also have no way of getting onto your swag if it’s elevated enough. Snakes, everyone’s worst fear during camping trips, stand little to no chance of slithering near you as you rest at night.

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