Portable Chargers vs. Charging Wall Stations

Getting an electric vehicle means that you have quite a lot of things to put into consideration.

However, perhaps the biggest issue will be the one of charging. Charging your vehicle is the only way to ensure that you get the most out of it  and when it comes  to this functionality, there are two major options available; portable chargers and charging stations.

Here, we take a look at which might be the better choice.

As thename goes, portability is a major advantage of portable chargers

If there is anything that a portable electric vehicle charger has over charging stations, it is the fact thatthey carry the feature of portability. Essentially, their portability makes them alittle biteasier to move around, and this increases their practicality.

Chargingstations on the other hand, are much more immobile, and this has a lot of limitations on their practicality.

Although in their defense, charging stations were never particularly supposed to be mobile. Still, it plays to their disadvantage and a merit of the portable chargers.

Plug-ins can be sent back easily when something goes wrong

It’s another consequence of their ease of mobility, but it should be said anyways.

Although it is true that type 1 and type 2 evcharging cables for electric vehicles hardly go wrong, it is not entirely impossible for you to see a fault every now and then.

If- and when- this fault eventually occurs, you will definitely need to find something to do about it a lot of people end up sending their chargers back to the manufacturers, whether for the sake of getting a replacement or fixing whatever is wrong with it. You can make sure your buy the correct ev cable for your car by reading this guide to buying the right ev charging cable by the EV Cable Shop.

The same kind of convenience might not be available when you have charging stations. Most times people with charging stations in their homes or offices end up having an electrician or a representative of the manufacturer come down to have it checked it if develops a fault

Charging wall stations provide much more power

While the consensus is definitely that charging stations aren’t as advantageous as portable chargers one undeniable fact is that these stations provide much more power to the electric vehicle. More power equals more mileage and a reduction in charging time as well.

So, if you’re the kind of electric vehicle owner who uses his car for a lot of commuting on a daily basis, you might actually be better served by getting a charging stations.